Community Commerce

Welcome to the next evolution in ecommerce.
Community Commerce.

Community Commerce is about connecting businesses that have great products and services, with communities that are relevant to them. If you have great products and want to reach a larger, targeted audience, then Mercado ONE is the place for you. You will have access to Community Channels that tell their audience about your products and help sell your products for you. The opportunities are endless – join multiple communities and watch your business grow.

How does Community Commerce work?

Community Commerce is a simple concept.

Let’s bring together people that have products and services to sell, with people that have a community following that can promote those products and services. Mercado ONE delivers this vision.

Mercado ONE matches people with particular products or services to communities of people that have an interest in them, benefiting everyone.

–   Sellers reach a wider audience easily
–   Community owners can offer more to their community and make money for their community
–   Community members get access to targeted products and services that are of interest to them

Who is Community Commerce for?

Community Commerce really is for everyone.

Mercado ONE Sellers are anyone that has a product or service to sell. This could be an established retailer or a start up home business. Anyone that has products and services.

Mercado ONE Channels are people or groups with an established audience or community. These could be commercial organisations like publishers, business associations, sports associations, towns and cities, bloggers, gamers, personal trainers etc. Anyone with a following, audience or membership. The list really is endless.

Mercado ONE brings all these parties together creating more opportunities for all.

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